Day off…

Today I had a day off…an actual full, do whatever I want, day off! I cleaned my house, putting things away with the pride of a homeowner, made myself delicious healthy food, completed a myriad of tasks on my never ending to do list, and then instead of taking a walk in the gloomy grey afternoon I reinvented myself through a reflection of who I have been, what I have done and where I am going next. It turned into a beautiful collage on my wall with photographs of myself throughout my happiest moments in life, drawings and paintings I have created and a few other notes of inspiration filled with color, chaos and spaces for new things to be added. I look up at it from behind my computer and smile. Today I am proud of who I am. My memories remind me of my strength and keep me moseying along in the direction of my whispering intuition.

Peace, Love and Cuddles,