My name is Samantha Hess, and just over 5 years ago I became a person. Perhaps that sounds strange, but in my mind my life as a real live actual full fledged human being began when I left my ex-husband and decided to figure out who I was without the input, restrictions, or obligations of an unhealthy and codependent relationship.

Since then I have had to rebuild myself from the ground up, doing baby steps to figure out what it means to be me. Every day I learn and grow and become a little bit more me. It’s a beautiful life I’ve created for myself where everyday is a new challenge, and every person I meet is an opportunity for growth. I live my life with the knowledge that I am no better than anyone else and that the best person to judge each path is the one walking it. My goal is to always be learning, growing, and fumbling my way into the person I become. Everyday, every awkward, uncomfortable, and vulnerable moment along the way I get to be me, and I am so grateful.

As for the actual details of my bio, check under the picture of me being…

The eternal 7 year old,

Samantha Hess

Samantha Hess, born 1984. I am owner and founder of: Cuddle Up To Me and Certified Cuddlers. I am a Master Cuddler, a life coach, a personal trainer, an author, a group cuddle facilitator, a public speaker, a taker of nature photos, an ameture baker/cook, teller of terrible jokes, reacher of all things (short pun fully intended), and a professional cuddler certification trainer. I am 5’1″, currently around 130 pounds, a truth teller, dork, and someone who smiles at every opportunity. I have an associate’s degree in Fitness from PCC, and I am currently writing my second book, not to mention the 6 versions of the certification manual I teach. Not sure I can be any braggier about myself, but at this point I think you’ve got the picture.

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