Internal Conversations

I’m not sure if anyone else’s brain works this way, but my brain seems to have 2 opposing versions of itself that have conversations inside my brain. Have I lost you? Let me explain…

The other day I woke up crazy tired after 3 nights of restless sleep. Below is the adult version of me telling the kid version of me what’s up. 

Kid me: I’m so tired. Let’s have coffee today! 
Adult me: No. You had coffee yesterday and if you have coffee again today you have no chance of sleeping tonight. 
Kid me: But I’m so tired. What if I just have a little? It’s only like 8am. That should be totally ok. 
Adult me: No. You can’t have coffee. Get in the shower. You have to get ready for work. Stop complaining. 
Kid me: Ok, well if I can’t have coffee can I stop for a donut on the way to work? 
Adult me: No! You can’t have a donut. What are you, 7? You need real breakfast. You are having eggs. 
Kid me: Ok, how about cereal? Can I have cereal instead of eggs? 
Adult me: *rolls metaphorical eyes…no…you will have eggs. You like eggs. They are good for you and if you have a donut you will just want more sugar, you will be hungry all day and you will continue to make bad choices and likely drink coffee too. 
Kid me: But come on. I’m so tired and everything sucks. I want coffee. And a donut. And I don’t want to work on emails today either. I wanna play dinosaurs with Pico!!! YEAH!!!! DINOSAURS AND PANDAS!!! YAY! 
*I continue to get ready and not play dinosaurs but begrudgingly and slowly. 
Adult me: Great. Now we are late. You took too long getting ready. I guess cereal is the best option at this point, but no coffee! 

and then on my way to work I stop and get coffee because the adult version of me is terrible at keeping the kid me in line and all of a sudden I’m super grateful I don’t have any actual kids. 

I find it fascinating that I have this internal dialog that seems to come from competing sides of an argument. I guess I’m just glad there aren’t any more versions in there than 2. Does anyone else experience thought like this? 

Peace, Love and Cuddles, 
Samantha (:

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