Throughout our lives we have moments of weakness
We have thoughts that are too much to deal with
We crush our fears, insecurities and even our aspirations
Into tiny boxes to be dealt with by our future selves

We say we can’t
We aren’t good enough
We aren’t strong enough
We just aren’t ready
We don’t deserve it

The space we need to let go…
To move forward and reach our potential
Is taken up by the boxes of our past
With one box too many an explosion happens
We are forced to face what we have hidden

We cry
We scream
We beg it to stop
We wish the box would stay shut
But we know the only real option is to
Acknowledge, understand, accept…
Let it go

Those who are willing to open all the boxes  
To uncover the innermost parts of their true selves
Become the leaders, inventors, and game changers
They have the enterprising ability to change the world

As the seasons change and the years pass
I vow to you,
I will be here as we both open our boxes
uncovering what we have hidden from ourselves

I will allow you to see my every fear, insecurity and yet unfulfilled dream
I will support you through the best and worst moments of yours as well

Until everything is unpacked

Until we no longer feel the need to put things in boxes

You and I will change the world


Peace, Love and Cuddles, 


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