My name is Sam, better known as Samantha Hess, professional cuddler, author, that girl who hugged NPH on America’s Got Talent, the person who was on the front page of The Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post,, Yahoo (3 times), and has likely wound up in your Facebook newsfeed (if you have one) for starting a service that will change the world, one hug at a time. 

The reason I wanted to start a blog is because recently I had a very traumatic incident occur in my life, and I wound up in the hospital. I am ok now, but only just getting back on my feet. My experience, above all else, has given me this incredible opportunity to share with the world my struggles in the hopes that others will feel less alone through theirs. We all struggle. We don’t have to do to it alone. 

A few things I want to say up front- I apologize for grammar issues. When I write I tend to do in more of a journal style and I’m mostly too lazy to go back and make corrections. You are always welcome to send me any grammatical issues that drive you crazy. It’s been more than a decade since I’ve had to know any of this stuff, and a lot of it seems to have been replaced with Hexa Blast, Futurama, cookie recipes and internet memes.

I swear. A lot. If this offends you, please feel free to follow me on facebook instead. I am found under Samantha Hess as a public figure (still sounds pretentious, but it keeps things simple for me haha). 

The only other things I will say is that I hope you will take nothing I say as fact, but rather information filtered through my meandering experiences. I will be open and honest, likely more so than what is appropriate, but I prefer to not have a filter unless absolutely required. I am not intentionally here to hurt anyone’s feelings or make anyone feel anything bad in any way. I am simply here to share my thoughts, insights and struggles. You’ll get it all as I believe life is about contrast, and I’ve had lots of that! 

So, come along with me. Read, comment, share, and care. Together, we will get through the impossible, laugh at the rest and know that we are not only are loved by others, but more importantly, that we can and DO love ourselves too. You hold my hand, and I’ll hold yours. Together, we will bring a little more light to this world. Are you with me? 

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